Giant U.S. retailer to set up its first outlet in Western Australia at Perth Airport, plans to upgrade Fremantle’s High Street unveiled, and a push to hike penalties for mines found guilty of workplace negligence; all in our monthly news wrap-up.

Costco headed to WA

Costco, the U.S. based retail giant, recently announced it would be setting up its first store in Western Australia at Perth Airport. The outlet, which will cost $55 million to build, will be located alongside the giant DFO store that is currently under construction in the same retail park.

The Costco store (more appropriately, the Costco warehouse) will be 14,000sq m – about three times the size of a normal supermarket. In addition to retail, the outlet will also incorporate a petrol station, a tyre centre, an optical centre and a hearing centre.

If its plans are approved, construction will begin next year with the store’s doors opening to customers in 2020.


Plans to upgrade High Street unveiled

Plans To Upgrade High Street Unveiled 600x400The government has announced plans to overhaul Freemantle’s High Street – one of the most congested intersections in Perth – by 2020. The project, which will cost an estimated $118 million to complete, is part of the McGowan Government’s alternative to the scrapped Perth Freight Link project.

The proposed upgrade will see a roundabout built to replace the traffic lights at the intersection of High Street and Stirling Highway, a wide median strip built on High Street, and a new service road put up for residents north of High Street.

The project, which Transport Minister Rita Saffioti noted would improve congestion and increase jobs, is set to begin next year and will take about 18 months to complete.


Push to hike penalties for negligent mines

The State Government is planning a law change that will see mining companies face steeper penalties for workplace negligence. The Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston, while speaking at Goldfields Miner’s Memorial ceremony, said that legislation was in parliament to have penalties for negligent miners increased by 500%.

The minister’s statement has come after Central Norseman Gold Corporation was fined $140,000 by a Perth court for the death of a machine operator, Malcolm Fowlie, back in 2014.

Although the mining sector was at the forefront of his remarks, the minister also stated that all businesses and companies need to be held accountable for their actions in respect to the health and safety of their workers.