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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding labour hire, if you have any other queries please contact us so we can help you out.

Blue collar recruitment agencies provide labour services to businesses operating in a wide range of industries. They source high quality skilled and unskilled workers who are well positioned to take on casual or ongoing roles on behalf of clients.

Labour hire firms screen candidates on behalf of clients to ensure that both the client and workers get exactly what they are looking for. Among the things screened for include skills and experience, compatibility, criminal records, the worker’s ability to fit into the client’s company culture, and the expectations of the candidate.

As a labour hire company, we represent the interests of both the employers and the candidates – a matchmaker of sorts. We work for the client seeking workers and the candidate in search of gainful employment to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between both parties.  Ultimately, the client business pays us.

Using labour hire services for your staffing needs is very cost effective. There is less red tape and paperwork involved which makes the hiring process quick, efficient and less costly; reduced HR expenses for clients as the labour hire provider takes care of the bulk of the work; greater workforce flexibility enabling businesses to adjust the number of workers to suit workloads; and standard pricing that includes taxes and related insurances making budgetary planning quite easy.

No, you are not under contract with us. You simply hire the workers from us from as little as 4 hours to however long you require them.

You can enquire only. We will, however, need to call you back for additional information required to ensure we get the right worker for your business.

We are actively involved in employee sourcing, employing our wealth of experience to ensure that you get a worker with the skills and experience you need as well as a great attitude and work ethic.

We focus on carpenters, labourers, storespeople, process workers, electricians, welders, boilermakers, diesel fitters, mechanical fitters, mechanics, plumbers, chefs, grano workers, drivers, plant operators, and many more. Contact us for enquiries.

Our rates are hourly and are balanced to ensure that they are as low as possible but not too low as to affect the quality of workers we provide to our clients.

We provide a simple and understandable invoice together with a photocopy of a signed timesheet, which has been authorised by the customer, showing the hours worked by our employee or employees, for the week, to ensure transparency for all our charges.

We are fully compliant with the law. We comply with all national employment standards and the full range of Occupational health & Safety laws legislation. We also have additional policies to promote a healthy and safe workplace.

Our recruitment process is quite stringent, so this rarely happens. We also ensure to only place workers who want to work in the role and industry of the job we want to fill. We never force anyone to take a job they don’t want, and all placements are voluntary which helps minimise the cases of employees quitting their jobs.

In the rare eventuality of this happening, Blue Collar People will provide a replacement to the client with no fuss.

Of course! We have employed for every single occupation listed in our website. This is one of our advantages over competitors as we have over 30 years’ experience in the field.

The first stage is recruitment. We advertise jobs at various places to find available employees. (Our quarter century presence in the industry has made us well known to job seekers which makes the process quite fast.) This is followed by lengthy interviews to gather information about the candidates and their skills. Reference checking then follows before the candidates are added to our computerised database. From our database, we select the best available workers to provide to specific clients.

We are old fashioned when it comes to checking candidate references. We make sure we call at least 3 former employers to get a vivid idea of the worker’s abilities and character. Once candidates are assigned with us, we continuously assess their performances to ensure quality services for our clients.

Our areas of specialisation are numerous and listed under “Our Specialisation” on our website. We generally cover everything from tradespeople to labourers and anything in between.

We certainly do. All our employees have Workers Compensation Insurance, Public & Products Liability Insurance, and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Blue Collar People is an equal opportunity employer, and we act ethically and honestly in all instances with both our clients and employees.

We are proud to say that we have been in business for more than 30 years in the labour hire industry and have helped thousands of clients fulfill their labour needs over the time we’ve been in operation.


Blue Collar People offer a guarantee to our clients to provide the best possible worker for hire.
If our clients are unsatisfied with a worker within the first 4 hours of hire they will not be charged for that person.


If you have a question about labour hire which isn’t covered here send us an enquiry. We’d be happy to help!