When your business needs extra staff, an excellent option is to hire temporary staff to fill the positions as they arise.

Temporary staffing agencies match available workers with companies that are looking for workers. If you have not considered this option before, here are ten great reasons why hiring temporary staff just makes perfect sense for your business:10 Reasons Why Quality Temporary Staff Are Good For Business

  1. No recruitment costs. When you hire temporary staff, there are no recruiting fees payable. In other words, you do not have to advertise, interview and do all of those other things necessary to find suitable staff. Finding suitable staff is an expensive and time-consuming process and you are not even guaranteed that you will find the right people during that lengthy process.
  2. Get the right person. When a person is hired by your company through a labour hire agency and they are not the right fit, you simply call the agency and have them send someone else.
  3. Fill the gaps.  As workloads fluctuate, you can find qualified people to fill in the gaps and help you to meet production deadlines or whatever else is important.
  4. Try before you buy. If you are looking to hire new people on a more permanent basis, you can “try before you buy” by hiring people through a temporary agency and ensuring that they are a good fit – before you offer them a permanent position with your company. Consider it a good way to get to know people and see if they fit in with the culture of your office or work environment.
  5. Quick access to specialised skills. When a business requires workers with specialised skills to complete a particular job, they may not want to employ them for the long term. The quick solution is to hire a very skilled worker for that particular job on a temporary basis and then once the job has been completed, the worker’s temporary position is no longer available.
  6. Quick cover during staff absence. If you have regular workers that are ill, injured or on vacation, you may need to hire extra staff temporarily to cover the positions of those people and ensure that the work is completed.
  7. Save money. The cost of a full time employee is a lot more than if you were to hire a temporary staff member. With full time staff you need to provide them with benefits, take care of payroll taxes and provide paid benefits and paid time off, whereas with temporary labour hire you simply pay one fee to the labour hire agency and then they pay the employee.
  8. Large pools of staff. Temporary labour hire agencies have a larger network and more employees that you can choose from. They have the resources and the contacts to pull together the workers that you will need for your job in a short amount of time.
  9. Experienced recruiters. Labour hire companies have considerable expertise in hiring the right people for the job. They have experience in interviewing people and know which questions to ask during the interview.
  10. No long term commitment. The business is under no obligation to hire the temporary worker on a permanent basis once the work that the temp worker is doing has been completed.

Do you have any reasons, that we can add to the list?