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Perth is a beautiful place to work and live in with numerous job opportunities. In this section, you get to read news and posts about the various work opportunities available and developments that could affect your life as a worker and a resident of Perth. You’ll also get to read insights and advice that could be of great help if you are looking to settle down and find work in Perth.

The Use Of AI In Recruitment

There are a few different schools of thought out there when it comes to the subjects of both recruiting and employment and the affects AI (Artificial Intelligence) is having right now, and will have in the near future. In this post we’re going to explore how AI is playing a role in recruitment and employment [...]

Perth & WA Monthly Industry News Bulletin – May 2019

WA achieves budget surplus thanks to increased ore prices and a higher GST allotment; The EPA gives approval recommendation for $516 million Greenbushes lithium mine expansion; McGowan’s Government allocates $1.52 billion to fixing Perth’s busy roads, and; tax reprieve in sight for WA businesses as Treasurer hints at a possible payroll tax reduction in the [...]

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