Job Seeker Tips

We understand that looking for a job is not the easiest of tasks. In this section, we share our wealth of knowledge and experience gained from years of dealing with employers to give you (the job seeker) that extra oomph to help you land gainful employment.

10 traits of the ideal worker

What makes you the ideal worker? We are all human and we all have very different personalities and traits. The workforce is a very diverse mix of people, however there are a select few of us out there that have particular traits that make us the ideal worker. Ideal workers have some common traits. If […]

How To Brush Up On Your Job Interview Skills

Read our tips to help you improve your job interview skills and land the job you really want Jump To Section: Dressing for the interview Your arrival Eye contact Ask questions Concluding At Blue Collar People you do not need to prepare for a job interview, you simply register with us and we match you […]

Short Term Work – How To Be Successful

Some people really enjoy the flexibility that being a casual worker offers. They do not have to commit to a fixed term contract so a short term contract can help a person to get a feel for the work environment without having to commit for the long term. Many people are using the option of […]

Labour Hire Companies For Casual Job Seeker

Casual jobs make up a large percentage of the overall workforce and are often in demand by jobseekers. Have you ever considered making your next career move with a labour hire company? Blue Collar People are always on the lookout for skilled and motivated casual workers to join their team. Let’s take a look at the […]

The Labour Hire Agreement: What You Need To Know

Not everyone fully understands what a labour hire agreement actually is or what it involves, so in this post we’ll take a look at labour hire agreements in Australia and break it down. What Is a Labour Hire Agreement? Labour hire is a term used widely in Australian employment circles. It’s all about outsourcing both [...]

Things To Consider Before Taking Job In Another City

In this post, read up on the factors that should be taken under consideration prior to taking a job in another city. Jump To Section: Costs Of Relocation What Are The Long Term Consequences? Weigh The Pros And Cons Further Resources When you are searching for a job you may come across one that involves […]

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