Why Having A Skilled Workforce Is Essential

Ask any successful entrepreneur or business leader, and they will tell you that their human resources are the most important component of their organisation. That’s because the success or failure of any business highly depends on the quality of labour available to it. Every organisation needs a skilled workforce.  So many industries are becoming more […]

What Does A Labour Hire Agency Screen For?

Screening is one of the most important steps when hiring new employees by a business and is one of the most intensive. For a business that uses the services of a labour hire agency, all this organisation needs to do is inform the labour hire agent of their current labour needs and within a short […]

Contract Workers or Labour Hire? What’s The Difference?

Every once in a while, businesses require extra “hands” to help out with work overflow or to cover for an absent employee. Because of the short-term nature of these kinds of positions, businesses often prefer to hire employees on a non-permanent basis. It is at this moment that the manager in charge has to decide […]

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