Why choose us? Why Choose Blue Collar People as your Perth Labour Hire Agency?  We understand the importance of choosing the right people for the job. Employing staff can be an expensive and time consuming exercise. Blue Collar People reduce that stress by screening and recruiting a quality workforce that are readily available for hire. [...]

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

To all of our customers, employees, suppliers, friends and family – first of all – many thanks for all your help and support throughout 2022, it has been very much appreciated. It has been very good and enjoyable working with you throughout the year. All of us here at Blue Collar People would like to [...]


There  are many advantages to getting ongoing work through a Labour Hire Company in Perth as opposed to trying to look for the work yourself. Some of the advantages include: The variety of the work that you will receive through a Labour Hire Company in Perth will be tremendous. You may work, at times, at [...]


Right now there are plenty of labouring jobs that are available in Perth, Western Australia and you can start work immediately. There are many reasons why you could be looking for work in Perth right now and some of the reasons may include: You might be  back packer from another country and would like to [...]

Your Business Can Benefit From Temporary Labour Hire

Your Business Can Benefit From Temporary Labour Hire Many businesses will find that they could use an extra pair of hands at certain times throughout the year. This is where temporary labour hire can be useful. Whether you’re looking for a single person or group, on a short or longer term contract, Blue Collar People have a [...]

What You Can Do To Attract and Retain Staff

What You Can Do To Attract and Retain Staff Many companies have a common problem and that is the ability to attract and retain staff. Every company has the same goal and that is to be successful and to make a profit. This is not possible without the right employees, but how do you get [...]

Labour Hire Company Can Help Your Business

Labour Hire Company Can Help Your Business You’d be mistaken if you thought a labour hire company was a regular recruitment agency. What you may not know is how beneficial working alongside a labour hire firm is for your business, particularly when you need to fill employment gaps and hire in temporary or casual workers. You may [...]

Reasons Why Perth Labour Hire Suits You

Labour Hire in Perth. There are many different reasons for hiring a temp employee from a labour hire company. Here are some relevant scenarios where labour hire is suitable for your company. When an employee leaves In Business, challenges often present themselves. For example having to replace a worker who has left is a very [...]

Labour Hire Companies Perth

Blue Collar People is a Labour Hire company which is based in Perth, Western Australia. Blue Collar People specializes in providing temporary blue-collar labour to numerous industries all around the Perth Metropolitan area and some remote sites too. The main industries that we supply temporary labour hire services to include: Construction, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Transport, Storage [...]

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