What makes you the ideal worker?

We are all human and we all have very different personalities and traits. The workforce is a very diverse mix of people, however there are a select few of us out there that have particular traits that make us the ideal worker.

Ideal workers have some common traits. If you are lucky enough to find someone who possesses these traits then you should do everything in your power to keep them working with you. Every person who can be considered an ideal worker has these ten traits:

  1. Optimism. A worker who comes to work with a good attitude and is energetic is going to be far more productive than a negative worker who gives up at the first stumbling block they encounter. Happy workers make the work environment more enjoyable for other staff to be in and ensure that everyone works together.
  2. Self-starting. You want to hire a worker that can get the work done without you having to constantly supervise them. You have enough of your own work to do, so having someone who is completely independent and able to take on any project on their own is definitely an asset to your company. Someone who is ambitious and wants to move up the company ladder is also a good addition to your company.
  3. Confidence. A confident worker will take on challenging assignments that other staff might avoid. This produces results and helps to foster a culture of excellence and also makes clients feel confident in their dealings with your company.
  4. Intelligence. An intelligent worker is one who can get the job done with very few or no mistakes and does not need someone to constantly check all of their work over. Most managers and business owners do not have extra time to spend in proofing work and making sure that everything is done correctly.
  5. Takes Action. You want to hire workers who get stuff done. These are the people who take chances even if it means that they might fail. They often have more success and generate new ideas in the process. Workers who do not take any action will not help your company to make money.
  6. Fits In. It is important that everyone in your company is able to work together every day. If the worker fits in with the staff of the company nicely and gets their job done, it is a given that they are going to stay on and work hard for your company.
  7. Honesty. This is an absolute must in a worker. You want to know that the person is forthright and is not trying to hide anything from your or “pull a fast one”. You need to be able to trust your workers, and you want to know that they are not sneaking around or trying to steal from your business whether it is time or money.
  8. Leadership. A worker who is confident and has had past success in other jobs is someone who can repeat that success in your company. If the staff member has worked hard and achieved some notable accomplishments in past jobs then they are definitely going to do good things for your company.
  9.  Attention to Detail. Someone who is detail oriented will do all the proof reading and make sure that everything is running smoothly before they pass their finished product on to you.
  10. Hardworking and Passionate. Nothing comes easy especially if it is something outstanding. An organisation that is successful usually has a lot of hard working and passionate people working for it. Passionate workers love what they do and give 150% every day. When they go to work it is because they love their job and are being rewarded with a pay cheque.

It is completely possible to train any worker to sell your product or provide your service, but it is more difficult to train a person to have good work ethic, integrity and self-confidence. Smaller businesses rely on their staff to make their business successful.

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