Almost any position in the organisation can be filled by labour hire – from positions that require highly skilled and specialised personnel to those that require no skills. This has proven invaluable for a lot of organisations, enabling them to maintain a lean permanent workforce while still having adequate workers during peak seasons.

This has seen labour hire change from a service that provided short-term cover for absent employees to an important cost reduction strategy.Labour Hire Benefits (1)

For a large number of companies, the benefits of using labour hire are immense. The biggest advantage of using labour hire is the reduction of the overall payroll costs. Other benefits to the organisation include time saving, improved productivity, flexibility and provision of specialised skills.

But it’s not just the company that benefits from the use of labour hire. Employees working for the business will also enjoy some benefits from this type of labour arrangement. Below are some of the benefits your workforce will enjoy when you use labour hire:

  1. Exposure. Most of your permanent employees probably haven’t worked in any other organisation apart from yours in quite a while. Because on-hired employees are always shifting from one organisation to the other, they interact with many company cultures and learn different and more efficient ways of doing things. By interacting with them, your permanent employees can get insight that could help them perform better and improve their own careers.
  2. Prevents overworking. Labour shortage as a result of increased production requirements and employee absences can lead to overworking of the available workforce. By pushing your full-time workers to produce more, you will cause them stress which will, as a result, lead to reduced productivity, absenteeism and in extreme cases employee turnover. Labour hire will ensure that your employees don’t take on more work than they can handle for maximum productivity.
  3. Motivation. Temps will come into the organisation eager and ready to work. This will boost the morale of your workforce helping them to be more productive. Introducing a highly active person to the workplace can have a positive effect on them making them more engaged and eager to carry out their duties.
  4. Work-life balance. Labour hire enables you to have flexible working hours for your workforce. This means that you can afford to give your permanent employees some time off without affecting productivity. Your staff can thus take care of other personal responsibilities that are not work related. Labour hire can be used to cover extra shifts to allow your staff go home on time and have weekends off to spend with their loved ones. By helping your people maintain a good work-life balance, you’ll improve engagement, loyalty and morale.
  5. Opportunity for career advancement. Some skills cannot be learnt on a part-time basis. Employees who want to pursue them need to take some time off to attend school. With labour hire, your employees will have more opportunities to follow their career goals as temporary replacements can be brought in to cover their positions as they advance their skills.

Labour hire not only helps your business grow by increasing productivity but also helps your permanent employees find happiness and fulfilment in their work. At Blue Collar People, we ensure that your company gets quality temps that will work to help you realise your goals.