One great thing about having temporary workers is that you are under no obligation to hire them. They are temporary and are hired through a temp agency  or a labour hire company, as they are needed. When the work load subsides, you can just contact the hiring agency and let them know that you no longer need those staff members.Temporary Employee

But what should you do if you decide that you want to hire a temp staff member full time? There are five things that you should consider:

  1. If you hire temporary staff on full time there is no recruiting cost to you to advertise the position. The labour hire agency does all of the interviewing and screening and because you have already worked with them, you simply hire the person if you decide they are a good fit for the job and they are needed.  (Sometimes there are requirements for the temporary staff member to have been hired for a set period of time).
  2. You need to determine if the temporary staff member gets along well with other staff members, and fits into the culture of your workplace. When you have a temp in place for a certain amount of time you can get a feeling on how other staff members feel about that temp employee before you hire them full-time.
  3. Do you have a position for this person which is going to last and if not, is there another job that they will be well-suited for in your workplace? Is the role sustainable in the long term?
  4. Are you willing to provide the necessary training to ensure that the temp employee can easily transition into the position that you need them to do? If a temp is being hired full-time they will need to have access to all of the same resources that full-time employees in your workplace do.
  5. When you hire a temp employee on full-time, you will need to provide them with the benefits and other things that your full-time employees already enjoy. This may make certain differences to your bottom line so make sure you factor those in.

If you need temporary or permanent workers for your organisation contact a labour hire company you can trust, ask us!