When your business has a need to fill a short-term role or recruit permanent staff, there are a number of ways to promote your needs in and around Perth. Let’s take a look at some of the common methods used

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Noticeboard and Local Papers
Labour Hire Firm

Best Ways For Businesses To Advertise Job VacanciesNoticeboards and local papers

Advertising a job opening on a noticeboard in a local shopping strip or around universities is a great way to attract those who are seeking temporary work. This method is generally free, unlike paying for an ad to be printed in a local paper, however both can be rather hit and miss. Without the ability to track views, it’s almost like advertising blind. It is also a rather limiting approach as you are only able to reach those in your local area.


Technology advances have made advertising your job opportunities online easy for many businesses. This avenue expands the scope of those who can see and, therefore, apply for your role. It can, however, come with quite an expensive price tag. Even if your business finds an appropriate candidate to interview, it becomes a time consuming process, which does not always result in a positive outcome.

Labour hire firm

Whilst traditional recruitment agencies are very popular, a labour hire firm benefits businesses in many ways. As the employer of job seekers, labour hire companies pride themselves on ensuring their database of skilled staff are accredited, experienced and qualified to walk onto the job at anytime to fulfill a need no matter how large or small.

  • Flexibility – Business can fill a job vacancy at short notice.
  • Seasonal – Recruit staff to service seasonal needs and adjust your workforce to suit your needs.
  • Easier – Save your business time and money recruiting over and over.

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