Blue Collar People are pleased to announce their support for Redkite. Owner Fernando Ortiz explains: “The reason why I wanted to get involved with supporting Redkite is because I feel I am extremely lucky to have 3 healthy children of my own and the thought of young children and young adults having cancer is, for me, heartbreaking. I felt that I had to do something – not just talk about it and leave it at that but to become involved and be part of the fundraising community that helps to keep Redkite going. I found out that Redkite receives no financial assistance from the government and that they rely solely on donations – so I wanted Blue Collar People to be a part of that- I wanted to get involved and assist”.

Redkite is a leading national cancer charity that supports children and young people up to the age of 24 with cancer and the families and friends that care for them. Blue Collar People will be financially supporting Redkite in 2015 and will provide further support through our social media channels, helping to raise awareness of Redkite. Blue Collar People hope to share Redkite’s message and encourage others to get involved and donate. “I feel that every donation no matter how small will be worthwhile and I also know how a great number of modest donations will add up to quite sizeable amounts” says Fernando.

Furthermore Fernando comments “I highly value the work that Redkite does because they are out there helping not just people with cancer but also their families who have to go through the emotional journey of having a family member with cancer”.

Blue Collar People hope to help spread the word about the great work that Redkite does and we hope it can prompt other people to get involved too.

Blue Collar People recognises the value of being connected with our community. We want to support people in need and be good corporate role models. “What I am finding is that it is making me, our management team and our employees feel very good about ourselves. We are already extremely glad and happy to have become involved with RedKite”, concludes Fernando.

We encourage you to follow Redkite on their social media channels: