Blue Collar People is a Labour Hire company based in Perth, Western Australia, that supplies blue-collar workers to various companies on a temporary basis, in the following industries:

  • OIL & GAS
  • And others

Blue Collar People opened its doors for business on the 17th December 1990 in a modest 45m2 office in Hay Street, East Perth.

When we started our business up, in the early 1990’s, the Australian economy was suffering from the worst recession in Australia’s history since the Great Depression (1930 to 1939). Times were tough in the early 1990’s for most businesses and for most employees and families in Australia. It was not before the end of 1992 did Blue Collar People see a significant increase in business levels – business levels had been very, very low for the previous two years throughout the recession.

In 1993 Blue Collar People had tremendous growth and we had to relocate to larger business premises. A larger 115m2 office was secured to carter for the extra staff that we had to hire to help run the business. At the time the new business premises seemed huge compared to the first office.

By January of 1997 we had outgrown our second office/business premises and we moved to an office space of 222m2 on Adelaide Terrace, Perth where we have stayed for the last 26 years.

Blue Collar People is able to offer its existing customers and its new customers, temporary workers (temps) from as little as one worker for a days assignment to 30 to 40 workers, or more, per client for  many months or for as long as they require them.

We are very pleased to be able to say that we have now been in the Labour Hire business for the last 33 years. During this time we have learnt a lot about the Labour Hire industry and we have applied our knowledge to give our customers the best service possible with the provision of temporary labour to our clients.

We believe that one of the most important things that we do, as a supplier of Labour Hire temp workers, to our customers is that we listen very carefully when our customers place an order with us for temporary labour. We make sure that we get everything right. From the obvious things such as the starting date and time, the site or warehouse address, who they will report to, how long they will be required and very importantly what skills, tickets, licences and qualifications and experience they want in their temp worker or workers from us. We do our very best to make sure that we give our clients as close to exactly what they are after on all occassions. Of course even with the best intentions and preparations things not always go according to plan when you are dealing day in and day out with large numbers of people who can at times change their minds from one day to another.

One of the factors that makes us a very good choice as a Labour Hire company is that we are very good at and spend a lot of time in carefully screening not just our new employees but also our existing employees that have been with us for years. We always ask our clients to give us feedback on how our temps are performing so that we can continually monitor and check that our temps are performing very well. We make sure that we get as much detail as possible on the assignments that we are given by our customers so that we can give our employees a very clear picture and understanding about the assignments that we are discussing with them. We firstly ensure that our employees have the necessary qualifications, tickets, licences and experience necessary to carry out the temp assignment perfectly well. Then we go into things such as (i) how far does our temp worker live from his new temp assignment’s workplace. For we have found that if its too far you are likely to have an unhappy temp employee and this can result in either the employee not staying for the full length of the assignment or not being as happy as they should be at work. (ii) if the assignment is for a 3 or 4 month duration or longer, we need to make sure that our proposed temp employee is able to fully commit to that length of time and they do not have any other plans or commitments that may get in the way – in short we ensure with our workers that the temp assignment that we are considering placing them on is not too far away, that they are fully available for the full length of the assignment, that the remuneration is right for them and that they are happy with the actual job. This gives us our best possible outcome – we have a productive happy temp employee and this results in a happy customer

WE are very proud of the work we do and we take pride in doing our job and doing it right. If you have a need for temporary labour in Perth, Western Australia give us a call on 92211911 Monday to Friday 8.00AM-4.00PM or visit our website on