Why choose us? Why Choose Blue Collar People as your Perth Labour Hire Agency? 

We understand the importance of choosing the right people for the job. Employing staff can be an expensive and time consuming exercise. Blue Collar People reduce that stress by screening and recruiting a quality workforce that are readily available for hire. We offer you the best persons for the job.

Blue Collar People has an ALL INCLUSIVE HOURLY RATE. Our hourly charge rate includes superannuation and long service leave contributions, payroll tax, workers compensation insurance, public liability and products insurance coverage and all other associated costs. We make sure that no costs are hidden so that you can allocate appropriate funds for your staffing budget, with peace of mind, knowing that there is nothing extra to take into account.

OUR SIMPLE INVOICING SYSTEM. To further assist with reconciliation of your staff budget, our invoicing system is very simple. It is an effective and understandable timesheet that logs all hours worked by each Blue Collar People worker and that simply needs to be signed by you or your supervisor for authorisation.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. We are readily available to talk with you to discuss how we can assist you with your business  staffing issues – please contact Blue Collar People today.  We can supply workers to meet diverse industries and workplace needs.

Blue Collar People is a labour hire agency that aims to supply your business with suitable labour in a professional and efficient manner at all times and with aq smile!

OUR IN DEPTH SELECTION & RECRUITMENT PROCESS. Blue Collar People use an in depth selection and recruitment process to employ the best workers possible. Our experienced team use a step by step process to interview, screen, and induct workers. Some of the processes include:

  • Selecting employees from our existing database and advertising or recruiting new applicants across Perth and Western Australia
  • All applicants are interviewed by our experienced recruitment consultants.
  • Screening potential workers for suitability for work with Blue Collar People clients, ensuring they’re willing to comply with your particular policies and procedures. This can include drug and alcohol testing, police clearances, workplace inductions, necessary PPE or other requirements specific to your business.
  • Ensuring all our workers meet the requirements outlined in our application for employment forms.
  • Checking all references bewfore a worker commences work
  • Routine monitoring, testing and checking of workers
  • Checking the progress of workers on site, ensuring your satisfaction with their performance at all times.
  • Ensuring workers are prepared and willing to work on temporary and short term assignments.

A LABOUR HIRE AGENCY WITH PROVEN EXPERIENCE. Blue Collar People have been in business for 33 years. With 33 years experience in selecting and supplying employees to a multitude of industries requiring labour hire across Perth, we have a proven reputation for providing flexible, genuine employees. Blue Collar People employees can easily adapt to the requirements of your workplace, whether that be conforming to specific policies and procedures or to the demands of varying shifts.

WE FOLLOW UP. Once we have placed a worker, or a team of workers, with your organisation, our experienced recruitment consultants will maintain regular follow up with you. Its hugely important for us to continually monitor or workers progress to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our sele3ction of worker. Blue Collar People act on feedback and strive to serve our clients. We aim to build a lasting relationships through effective communication and delivery of an honest and hard working labour force.

So whenever you are in need of Labour Hire Services throughout the Perth metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, give Blue Collar People a call, discuss your specific requirements with us and LET US WORK FOR YOU!

Call our experts today on 92211911 Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm or visit our website at www.Bluecollarpeople.com for more information.

Blue Collar People

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