Many businesses will find that they could use an extra pair of hands at certain times throughout the year. This is where temporary labour hire can be useful. Whether you’re looking for a single person or group, on a short or longer term contract, Blue Collar People have a range of experienced and reliable staff ready to assist you with whatever your business requires.

Ready when you are

In addition to the core staff that you employ all year round, there will most likely be situations that arise from time to time where additional workers are necessary to assist you with the smooth running of your business. Whether you have a regular worker off sick or on leave, a one-off function or simply a peak time of the year for your industry, a labour hire company can assist with temporary labour hire solutions. We have a database full of highly trained, reliable staff from a range of industries, specifically matched to your business to ensure the right person for the job.

Save time, save money

There’s no reason to retain additional staff that you don’t require on a regular basis. When you use the services of a labour hire company, they are the ones who are paying the wages of the staff member, which means you don’t need to worry about the additional time and paperwork involved in payroll and insurance. You will also save yourself the headache of recruiting and training new staff members for a short time frame. The labour hire company will send out temporary labour hire workers that are qualified, trained and ready to hit the ground running for whatever length of time you require.

A new way of recruiting

In recent times, there has been a growing trend among small businesses towards using temp workers for a trial period before recruiting permanent positions. They contact the labour hire company for an initial contract, and if they are happy with the services provided they can then put in a request for a permanent position. Similarly, businesses who find a temp worker they are really happy with can request the same worker to come back for future temp roles (dependent upon availability).

Having an ongoing relationship with a labour hire company means that you have fast and reliable access to a wealth of screened and trained individuals to help with all of your temporary labour hire requirements.

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