There is no better time for a business than when it’s completely swamped by work. When a business is getting overwhelmed by work, it means that the systems and strategies put in place to grow the business are working. It also means that the consumers are loving the product and want more of it! Busy times, although good for the business in terms of profitability, can have a detrimental effect if not planned for properly.

When business peaks it translates to increased demand. When demand is high production has to be cranked up to increase supply. To Temporary Workers 400x267increase supply you need to increase the factors of production, and most important of these is labour.

Labour can be the most difficult thing to increase during peak times. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the duration of time the peak will last for and whether it’s worth hiring some extra staff. It doesn’t have to be difficult though. By hiring temporary workers (temps) to help out during the peaks you will have the extra help you need without committing to hiring on a permanent basis, which could be costly if the peak is short-lived.

Getting temps on the other hand is a challenge on its own. There is the issue of time – recruitment and training consumes a lot of it – and quality. With temps there is no time for trial and error. You want people who will hit the ground running because of the critical timing of their hire. So how do you ensure that you get high-quality temps within the shortest time possible? Simple: labour hire.

Labour hire provides quality temps fast

By enlisting the services of a labour hire agency to help out with your staffing conundrum, you will be able to access high-quality labour within a short time (almost immediately) at a fraction of the cost. Labour hire agencies are recruiting machines, so to speak. In addition to having hundreds of ready and willing candidates on standby at all times, labour hire firms have robust sourcing and screening processes to ensure that you get the right person for the job.

By using labour hire to find temps for your business, you will get the following benefits:

  1. Fast placement. Labour hire agencies have hundreds of pre-screened candidates waiting for a job opportunity. This enables them to fill vacancies in your company within a very short time.
  2. Training and onboarding. Labour hire firms can provide pre-training and onboarding services on your behalf to ease integration and help the temp hit the ground running.
  3. Access to a large pool of talent. Labour hire gives you access to a large pool of talent and skill from which you can hire.

By employing temps during busy times, you ensure that:

  1. The quality of your product remains the same or improves to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. The wage bill does not overwhelm you once the peak season is over, and demand for the product drops.
  3. Your permanent employees morale remains high as they are not overworked which also helps in employee retention.

Hiring temps for the peak season provides a quick and sustainable fix to your labour shortage problem – which is exactly what you need. At Blue Collar People, we specialise in sourcing and providing high-quality temporary workers on labour hire arrangement so that your business thrives even at times of high pressure.  Call us for more information: (08) 9221 1911