As a labour hire agency, we work as an intermediary between job seekers and employers. We work for the client looking for temporary or permanent blue collar workers and the candidate looking for gainful employment. Most people assume that since the clients foot the bill, all the focus will be directed towards them, but this is not the case. While we do put a lot of effort into providing the best employment solution for our business clients, we also aim to ensure that the solutions we provide are beneficial to both our clients and candidates.

There are two sides to the story when it comes to employment. Employers say, “It’s hard to find good workers” while job-seekers, on the other hand, think, “Landing a decent job is difficult”. Whichever side you are on, whether looking for work or looking for workers, the process can be difficult. If you are hiring, one open position could attract dozens of applications. Going through all of them to find a good match consumes a lot of time. On the other hand, a job seeker sending resumes could feel like he/she is sending them into an internet black hole, never to get a response. Labour hire agencies help the two sides cut through the red tape of the hiring process.

The work of a labour hire agency

For employers, our aim is to take the grunt work out of human resource sourcing. Filling an open position costs both time and money. Research shows that hiring one worker can cost an organisation anywhere between 7-20% of the position’s salary and take about 30-45 days to fill (Source: ). This is very expensive in business as every cent and second counts. With our services, all a client needs to do is give us a call when they need a person for a certain job. We then handle the search process or use our pool of talented workers, and match a worker with the position in question, and have them report to the client’s premises.

Clients also turn to us when they need someone to fill a temporary position which may be due to a sick day(s) off, vacations or increase in demand. We provide staff who work on a temporary or permanent basis. Some clients also choose to use hiring agencies as recruiters for positions referred to in the industry as “temp to perm”. This means that the position is temporary but could become permanent if the worker and company are compatible.

For job seekers, we can be the ticket to a full-time job. We help employment seekers find positions that they might not have found on their own. Our aim is to match our candidates with positions that they are best suited for and in which they will be most satisfied. Candidates meet with our employment experts who assess their abilities, experience and skill set. Candidates are also asked about their desires, career aspirations and goals so that we can place them in positions that help with their career development.

Our aim is to foster successful relationships between our clients and candidates. We, therefore, value and protect the interests of both our clients and candidates as it is the only way that harmonious, long-lasting partnerships can be built. This is always our aim at Blue Collar People.

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