Staffing is usually one of the biggest outlays associated with running a business. Whether you have a fleet of full time employees or a few casuals to fill skills gaps, you want your labour hire and management processes to be as cost effective as possible.

Cost Effective Labour Hire

For many employers, using a labour hire agency can be a practical way to save time and minimise paperwork when it comes to hiring new staff. But how does the cost of using a labour hire agency compare to other hiring strategies?

Less paperwork, less red tape

A labour hire agency effectively takes on the role of employer, allowing your business to ‘hire’ their services. This is different from a regular employment agency, which sources potential workers and then hands them over to you. With a labour hire arrangement, all HR negotiations, interviews, insurance and skills testing is conducted by the agency, leaving you more time to get on with core business. You have access to job-ready employees when you need them, without the costly time lapse caused by placing job ads and going through the recruitment process.

Save on HR processes

When you request workers through a labour hire agency, they will manage all the HR requirements. If you are a smaller business, this helps you avoid hiring an in-house HR specialist. For larger businesses, that leaves your HR team free to work on policies and conditions for your permanent staff. Using a professional agency gives you peace of mind that all relevant awards, agreements and legal obligations are covered, even if you only need extra staff for the short term.

Flexible staff management

Benefits Of Using A Labour Hire Agency


Using a labour hire agency also offers you greater flexibility in terms of staff numbers. This means you can take on workers for as little or as long as you need them, to fit any fluctuations in your industry. You will have skilled people on the ground and ready to work for your next big project or seasonal rush with no risk of being over-staffed if business slows down for awhile.

One standard price

Your labour hire agency will quote you a standard hourly rate to hire skilled workers, including all insurances and taxes. This makes it easier for you to create budget forecasts or to quote on a large project. With none of the additional costs associated with wages, like tax, super or holiday loadings to consider, you may find using a labo

ur hire agency is more cost effective than hiring new staff from scratch.

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