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Ethical labour hire is the hiring of individuals in a non-discriminatory way. Discrimination can be overt or covert and can be based on sex, gender or sexual orientation.

Hiring staff with a bias based on any of these factors can be seen as discrimination.

Factors to consider when hiring labour


There are a number of factors to consider when hiring labour to ensure that ethical labour hire processes are followed.

  • Hiring practices should promote fairness, equality and honesty
  • There should be no discrimination against any employee in any way
  • The best candidate should be chosen on merit and potential
  • Ensure appropriate wages are offered to staff in line with industry benchmarks
  • Safe and healthy working conditions including a safe environment and appropriate working hours are vital.


Why is ethical labour hiring so important?

Ethical labour hiring is vital in developing a reputation for fair and transparent recruitment processes. This process will lead to increases in the applicant pool for positions as staff will want to work for your organisation. Giving fair consideration to all applicants in the process will also ensure that an excellent culture is fostered in your business. Bias can create an unfair workplace which can impact on the culture of the workplace, but also on the working conditions for staff with the potential for bullying.Ethical Labour Hiring 770x513

Discrimination can also cause particular genders to be under-represented which can be detrimental to your organisation and the ability of all staff to provide their best work. Ethical labour hire means employing the best person for the job based on merit and potential, which will overall have the best effect on your organisation to empower staff and make them feel engaged.

This can only benefit your business as it improves your staff members’ desire to provide the best work for your company to the best of their ability. A great culture fosters productivity and ensures the best outcomes for your business.

Do you need some help with ethical labour hiring?

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