Have you ever considered hiring a temporary worker from a Labour Hire  Company? If not, there are many reasons why you should consider these temporary skilled workers as a great way to gain additional employees as needed for your business:

  • Hiring staff is a big job. When business owners or managers find that they need to increase their workforce to meet sudden business demand, an excellent option is to look at using a labour hire company to help them to find those workers. These workers are employed with the labour hire agency and then hired out to the client business.
  •  Hire Workers From a Labour Hire AgencyFinding the right people to fill a job is extremely time consuming. From posting the job to interviewing applicants, the entire process can take weeks or months, and does not always guarantee that the right applicant will be found. Since the time of executives, supervisors and managers is precious, being able to contact a labour hire agency allows them to hire pre-screened workers who are qualified and able to do the job that is expected.  A labour hire agency provides pre-screened applicants who have the required skills and are ready to start immediately.
  • Each labour hire worker is pre-screened and reference checked, plus they usually will have worked for that labour hire company on numerous assignments and are tried and tested. All of the statutory and administrative paperwork that is required to maintain each employee is looked after by the labour hire company.
  • Workers that are hired from Labour Hire companies bring additional skills and expertise with them that may not be otherwise available in companies with their own in-house employees. These temporary workers have a wealth of experience because they have worked in a variety of organisations and this gives them a great breadth of knowledge and skills.
  • When you employ labour hire workers you can keep them on as long as you like, and get to know them over a period of time. They are not your responsibility as employees, until you make them an offer of employment and hire them full time, should you wish to do that. As labour hire workers, each worker is working with you on a casual basis so it is a good way to get an idea of their work ethic and habits before making the full commitment, if you were interested in employing them in a full time capacity with your company.
  • Many businesses experience busy times and lulls in their business cycle. Examples include a construction company that has just landed a new project or a soft drink company that is busier during the summer months. Any type of business can benefit from being able to add extra labour to their workforce when it is needed. This also gives them the flexibility to easily reduce staff numbers when they are no longer needed.
  •   Lay-offs of staff that are no longer required can be carried out without fear of legal challenges or redundancy payments to employees, when the staff is casual.


  •   Labour hire workers can be hired without the commitment and responsibility of having to pay additional insurance premiums (or claims for that matter!). There is also no need to be concerned about extra taxes or superannuation. The labour hire company takes care of all of this. The Labour Hire company also deals with all payslips and PAYG responsibilities.
  • Workers often enjoy working on a casual basis because they are exposed to a wide variety of job experiences instead of being in the same job day after day. So potentially what you get is a very enthusiastic worker who tends to work hard for the entire time that they are working at your company. Labour Hire workers also know that if they do not perform up to your expectations that they will be terminated, and that a bad report will be provided to the agency for which they work. Bad reports of course can hinder their ability to obtain work in the future so this tends to encourage top performance.


The ability to access Labour Hire workers is great for businesses. It allows them to have the flexibility to be able to concentrate on the running of their business and to know that at any time they can hire workers when needed. When businesses have a need for additional workers, be it because someone is sick, injured or on annual leave or because they are suddenly busier and require more workers, they are happy to know that they can call a reputable labour hire agency.

Blue Collar People provide labour hire to the Perth, WA region, when they are required with exceptional levels of customer service.