There  are many advantages to getting ongoing work through a Labour Hire Company in Perth as opposed to trying to look for the work yourself. Some of the advantages include:

  • The variety of the work that you will receive through a Labour Hire Company in Perth will be tremendous. You may work, at times, at two or even three different companies in a week. Or at times you will work for the same company for several months.
  • The decision is always yours as to whether you would prefer a lot of variety in the work that you are offered or whether you would prefer longer assignments where you will go to the same workplace for several months in a row.
  • You can choose to work when you want to and not work and have a break or a holiday whenever you want.
  • The Labour ire Companies recruitment consultants will call you and offer you various  options of work assignments and it is up to you to pick and choose which assignment best suits you at that time.
  • The rate of pay is usually far superior to what you may get in a permanent job as when you are working for a Labour Hire company they will have to pay you a casual loading that is at least an extra 25% on top of the award permanent rate of pay
  • Good Labour Hire companies will always do their very best to offer you work assignments that are as close as possible to where you live – Good Labour Hire companies make a point of doing this as this will make the employee happier and more likely to stay in the assignment, be more productive and be a good ambassador for the Labour Hire company
  • If you are a University or TAFE student or for any reason whatsoever you only want to work 1, 2 or 3 days per week – a good Labour Hire company will be able to offer you good work assignments on the days that you are available.
  • You might be a FIFO worker and want work from us on your days off – a good Labour Hire company will be able to help you with that too.
  • You will get to explore a variety of different workplaces. For example you may at times work in warehouses and/or factories throughout a variety of different industries and different manufacturers. And at other times you may find yourself in the construction industry (as long as you have a White Card).

The best way to get work through a Labour Hire company in Perth will be to firstly find a very reputable Labour Hire company that has preferably been established in Perth for more than 10 years and look for a Labour Hire company that has a very good history and reputation of looking after their employees.

Blue Collar People, at the time of writing this blog, has been in Perth for more than 32 years and has a tremendously good reputation for always looking after their employees. Ask almost anyone who has ever worked for us or is currently working for us as about what it is like working with Blue Collar People and we are extremely confident that they will tell you that we are a great Labour Hire company to work with.

So to get work with Blue Collar People your choices are to:

  1. Give us a call during business hours (Monday to Friday 8.00am-4.00pm) and book a time to come in and see us
  2. Or send us your resume with your contact phone number and email address
  3. Do both of the above – send us your resume and follow us up with a call.

You will find that we will generally  always be able to have you working with us within a few days to a week of your initial registration with us.

So if you are wanting work in Perth give Blue Collar People a call on 92211911 or visit us on our website at and get us Working For You in getting you work when you want it and at very good rates of pay.

Call us today.