There are many times that you might think it is time to hire a new employee. But how do you know for sure? From an employee resigning to your company expanding its services or products, there are many indicators that you need to hire again. Here are the top tips for knowing when it is the right time to hire.Time To Hire 400x266

When an employee leaves

The most clear-cut time you will need to hire a new employee is when one leaves. While this might sound obvious it’s important to define the employee that needs to replace the previous one.    Is it time to restructure the position description, assign new duties or remove other duties? Or are you just looking for a direct replacement? These questions will help you decide your next step.

When your company is growing

Another reason to consider hiring a new employee is when your company is growing or expanding. Reasons may include merging with another company, deployment of a new product line or just excellent business growth which means an influx of work. Being able to satisfy customer demand on-time is vital at this time, and the decision to hire in a timely fashion is an important one.

When you need different or additional expertise

With an expansion of business or development of new services or product lines you may recognise the need for specialised expertise. Whether it’s in construction, mining or manufacturing, recognizing that you need, and acquiring specialised staff, is essential.

The need for additional new or specialised workers means that hiring decisions have to be made and often quickly. Labour hire services often fill this gap: short term workers are hired (not employed by you) at short notice from the labour hire company’s pool of pre-vetted workers and matched to your needs and timeframes.

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