Wondering about the differences between job agencies and labour hire firms? We explain below and help you decide which one is the most appropriate for your business

How do job agencies work?
How to labour hire firms differ?

Job agencies and labour hire firms may appear on the outset to offer a business the same service, however they operate rather differently and can benefit a business in many different ways. Which one is most appropriate for your business when you are looking to recruit staff in Perth? You be the judge.

How do job agencies work?

A job agency, also known as a recruitment agency, acts as a middle man between job seekers and businesses looking to fill an employment gap. Job Agency 300x200Their primary role is to match qualified workers to vacant roles and, for their services, they earn a fee. They help to free up businesses from the time consuming tasks of sourcing and interviewing. Once a job seeker is employed, the responsibilities of a job agency end.

How do labour hire firms differ?

Labour hire firms directly employ hundreds of people, skilled in a variety of roles and industries. They offer businesses an extensive database of qualified, accredited and trained staff to fill a gap at any time of the day or night.

Not only are labour hire firms convenient options for companies who need staff at short term notice, but because staff are hired by the labour hire firm directly, businesses no longer need to worry about any of the administrative tasks associated with recruitment. They no longer need to pay wages or benefits and are not required to maintain training or organise appropriate accreditation. This all falls to the labour hire company.

Whether your business needs staff to fulfill seasonal requirements, last minute jobs or to run an industry-led project, it is comforting to know that there is a pool of staff available that can be tapped into at anytime. If you are looking at new ways to manage your workforce, without complications or red tape, consider the option of a specialised labour hire firm rather than a traditional job agency.

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