..and thereby getting the best out of them when they are working for you

How does a labour hire company help with paperwork for hiring temps?  How do you keep your temps happy?

How To Keep Your Temp Workers HappyWhen you need the right staff to help you get work done, you may need them for a special project or to replace someone on a temporary basis. Temporary labour is a great way to fill the gap and to ensure that you have a large amount of skilled workers to complete the work you need to have done.

What about training and paperwork?

When you need to hire and train new employees, it can take up a lot of time and company resources. If you choose a labour hire agency they will ensure that the employees that are sent to you are ready for your specific requirements, and have some familiarity with your company.

You will need to do some orientation with the employees to ensure that they are aware of specific safety procedures for your company. Temporary Labour is a great way to “test drive” new employees If you are looking to replace employees who have moved on to other opportunities or you simply want to add to your workforce, temporary labour hire is an excellent way to find great employees. When you hire people on a full time basis as employees and they do not work out, you only have a certain amount of time to take action before they are permanently
employed with you. If you hire casual employees you can see how well they might fit in, and be suitable for the role, before you hire them full time.

So how do you keep your temps happy?

  1. Maintain good communication –  It can sometimes be difficult to hire temporary staff and have them fit in with permanent staff. The importance of communication with your permanent staff during this process cannot be stressed enough. You need to let your permanent staff know that their job is not in danger from a temporary staff person who has been hired. This will help your permanent staff to accept your new temporary staff member and this makes for a more relaxed work environment where everyone gets along.
  2. Treat both temporary and permanent workers the same. – You do not need to include temporary workers in meetings where they are not needed, but they should be involved in the balance of the activities that take place around the workplace.When you make sure that your temporary labour knows enough about the culture of your company, then they will feel more comfortable on the job. If they feel as though they fit in, temporary workers will be a lot more effective and productive and will develop into real assets for your company.
  3. Provide clear goals and instructions – Make sure that each temporary worker is provided with a clear descriptions and expectations of the job that they are to do. Every employee needs to know what your expectations are so that they can deliver to the best of their abilities, and in the way you are expecting. When you provide clear goals and expectations, it is much easier for people to meet those goals and to remain focused on the job at hand.

We hope these few tips help, please contact us, if you need any assistance.

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