Fluctuations in workloads due to changes in demand for products or when taking on extra projects make
maintaining the right number of employees quite a difficult task for companies. Hire too many employees during peak seasons and you are left with idle employees to pay when the peak is over.

By hiring temporary labourers when workloads are high, however, you can maintain the optimum number of workers at all times to ensure maximum efficiency. This while keeping the number of permanent employees on your payroll at a minimum.
With labour hire, you can maintain the minimum number of labourers required at times when production is low and then cover the gap with on-hired staff as the workload increases. All this without the hustle of seasonal employee recruitment.

Labour hire is ideal for hiring temporary labourers because:

  1. Workers can be provided in large numbers. Labour hire firms have a large number of labourers who are ready and willing to work on standby at all times. This enables them to provide large numbers of workers to clients at a moment’s notice to ensure little to no interruption to production. Labour hire provides you with an army of workers that is always available to be called upon without the cost of maintaining them.
  2. The recruitment process is simplified. Recruiting is a lengthy and resource consuming process. By using labour hire, however, you outsource this expensive process to the labour hire firm who are more specialised and capable of carrying out the task more efficiently. All you are required to do is communicate the number of positions you want to be filled and the labour hire firm will take care of the rest. That easy.
  3. Quality assurance. Because of their robust recruiting processes, labour hire firms will more often than not provide workers that are a perfect fit for your business. In the rare case they don’t, most are willing to provide replacements for employees that do not perform to expectation. You can, therefore, be sure that the workers provided by a labour hire firm will perform as expected.
  4. Reduced costs. Labour hire reduces a number of costs for your company. The major one being the cost of recruitment. Since the firm will take care of all the advertising and vetting processes, your company’s human resource will be freed up to focus on other important issues. And because on-hired employees are not paid directly but through their labour hire firm, payroll maintenance costs will also be reduced.
  5. Reduced downtime. Because labour hire is able to provide qualified workers within a very short timeframe, production downtime is reduced to the minimum. This ensures that deadlines are met, and customer service levels for your clients are not affected in any way.

By using labour hire to get labourers for your company, you’ll be able to keep labour costs at a minimum while still maintaining optimum productivity.

With decades of experience in the field of labour provision, you can trust Blue Collar People to provide your business with quality, well vetted and qualified skilled and unskilled employees. We take care of your labour needs so that you can focus on your core function.