Right now there are plenty of labouring jobs that are available in Perth, Western Australia and you can start work immediately. There are many reasons why you could be looking for work in Perth right now and some of the reasons may include:

  • You might be  back packer from another country and would like to get an income while you are staying in Perth
  • You might be from another state in Australia and have come over to Perth and are looking for work
  • You have finished school and require work
  • You might be a university student and would like to work a few days per week while you are studying – and also perhaps would like to work 5 days per week on your university breaks
  • You might be between jobs and looking for something else

In all of the above examples a great way for you to get work immediately is by finding a very good and reputable Labour Hire Company in Perth to help you. A good Labour Hire Company will have plenty of work for you and will be able to get you working either immediately or within a few days.

Blue Collar People is a Perth based Labour Hire company that has been providing Labour Hire services to Perth Western Australia since 1990.

If you are an enthusiastic blue collar worker that is reliable, dedicated and looking for temporary and or long term, we would like to hear from you work. So if you are interested in getting work through us simply give us a call on 92211911 and have a talk with us over the phone and make an appointment to come in and see us. We will pay you very good rates of pay and you will be paid weekly. We will find the work for you and offer it to you. Coming into our office is a once off thing and after that you will receive phone calls from us offering you assignments for work which can range from as little as a few days at a time or up to several months at a time – depending on what you are ideally after.

To find out more about us you can also see us/visit us on our website at www.bluecollarpeople.com.

Give Blue Collar People a call today on 92211911 and we look forward to working with you.

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