Interesting article:

The Victorian shadow Industrial Relations spokeswoman, Natalie Hutchins, states that the labour hire industry “is a completely unregulated industry…” This is not correct as we, as Labour Hire Companies all over Australia, are subject to both Federal & State employment & industrial relations laws just like every other Australian employer. For example all Labour Hire companies have a legal obligation to:

(a)    Pay their workers as a minimum the wage and conditions that are stipulated in the Award that covers the type of work that they are being engaged to do. The Workplace Ombudsman has HUGE fines for any company that does not comply with that.

(b)   All labour hire companies must cover all of their employees by Workers Compensation Insurance (by law). We must pay Superannuation to all of our casual employees at a rate of 9.25% (going up to 9.5% from 1st July 2014).

(c)    Just like any other employer we are not allowed to employ workers from overseas unless they have a valid working visa-which we need to see and keep copies of etc-no different to any employer.

So labour hire companies are regulated by laws in exactly the same way as any other Australian employer is. Having said that if it was found that there was an irregularly high proliferation of dodgy activity in Labour Hire companies compared with other industries or employers then it may be wise for the Government to make labour hire firm get some sort of licence.

What are your thoughts?