A business seeking to hire labour needs to ask themselves exactly what they are looking for; what role needs to be fulfilled and the time frame in which the person is needed.

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Labour Hire Solutions Explained
Labour Hire Solutions – What Questions To Ask?

A business seeking to hire labour needs to ask themselves exactly what they are looking for; what role needs to be filled, the time frame the person is needed for and clearly identify the skillset required. From that point on, all the hard work in recruitment should be left to the experts, to leave you to run your business. If you are seeking resources, here are a few essential questions to ask your labour hire agency.


Labour Hire Solutions Explained

There are many ways to hire staff in the current climate including recruitment agencies, online advertising and even word of mouth. But how much do you know about labour hire firms? From fully trained staff with trade qualifications to specialised administrative staff, a labour hire firm can be the staffing solution you’ve been looking for. Read on for the reasons why labour hire firms are the ‘next big thing’ in recruitment.

Not just for temporary staff

Using a labour hire firm is commonly seen as a quick solution to a temporary vacancy. But you can also use a labour hire service to provide employees in long term or permanent roles, too. In a specialised trade, for example, where it is tricky to find skilled employees, a labour hire service does the hard work for you, screening applicants and verifying their qualifications before they arrive onsite. This can be a hassle-free way to find the perfect employee for your hard to fill roles.

No need to worry about references and safety checks

No Need To Worry About References And Safety Checks

When you’re trusting new staff with access to your worksite, it’s handy to know a little about their background. When you use a labour hire agency, they do full reference checks before staff are sent to your site.
Working in an industry that requires high safety compliance? Easy – all staff will be fully certified and briefed on the safety requirements of your site before they join your team.

You can use the same temporary employee for different projects

If your business tends to have seasonal peaks, or runs on a project by project basis, it can be frustrating to pay staffing costs during down times. With a labour hire firm, you take on new staff only for the period they’re required. When the next big project kicks off, you can recruit new team members – or request the excellent employees who worked with you on previous engagements if available. Over time, you’ll build up a go-to list of employees you know can get the job done right, without having to keep them busy when work slows down.

You only pay one reasonable set fee

There is a misconception that it’s more expensive to recruit through a labour hire firm than traditional methods. But paying one set fee, with no additional negotiations about rates or penalties, can actually make it a cost effective alternative. This also helps you quote for upcoming projects, with accurate budget estimates.

Does a labour hire firm sound like the right hiring solution for your business?

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Labour Hire Solutions – What Questions To Ask?

Is there flexibility?

When seeking staff to fill gaps in your business, knowing that you can have flexibility is essential. Not only will your business need access to both short term and permanent employees, but people who are available at all times of the day and night, including weekends, to step in when the demand arises.

Will staff already be trained?

Hiring staff and then having to spend time training them up on the safety aspects of a role as well as the intricacies needed to perform is not the best outcome for you or your business. Make sure that the resource pool you have access to is made up of people who not only know your industry inside and out, but are able to start work and perform immediately.

Will my employee come with the necessary qualifications?

Some jobs in blue collar industries require specific certifications. When labour you hire is qualified you can be comfortable that there are no knowledge gaps and they will have the can-do attitude to get the job done. When partnering with a professional agency make sure that all employees are also reference checked and continually reviewed so that the performance is top notch and maintained.

Your business will benefit from being able to hire labour from a company that knows the ins and outs of your industry. Whether you are in Food and Beverage, Construction, Mining or Manufacturing, you can be comforted knowing that your need for labour hire will be met with confidence and precision. Got a unique labour need?

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