You might have adequate staff for operations during normal times but events such as sales peaks and employees going away on holiday Lady Workers 400x266could leave you grappling with a serious labour shortage. Other events that could lead to a shortage of staff in your company include employees taking sick leave, maternity leave, workers suddenly quitting their jobs and injury in the workplace. All these occurrences could result in a labour shortage problem which, if not dealt with correctly, could have far-reaching effects.

How will a shortage of staff affect your business?

There are several ways in which a shortage of labour affects your business. These include:

  1. Overworking of employees. If a few workers are absent or the workload is too large for your current workforce to cover, everyone will be forced to put in extra effort to make up for the shortage. For a few days this wouldn’t be a big problem but stretched out to several weeks or even months, fatigue and burnout will start creeping in leading to significant loss of productivity. Your employees will, as a result, start looking for alternative employment as they will feel exploited, eventually leading to a high employee turnover.
  2. Poor work quality and increased errors. Because your staff are stretched thin, they have less time to spend on tasks. This can  diminish the quality of products and cause an increase in the number of errors. This will have a negative effect on customer satisfaction which will cause a dip in sales.
  3. Increased overtime. Your workers will have to work overtime to cover the increased workload. This is both expensive and less productive as workers are already tired after their usual work hours.

Why you should use labour hire to cover staff shortages

With labour hire all these problems can be avoided without adding the burden of employing extra staff.  Below are five reasons why you should use labour hire to cover your temporary staff shortages:

  1. It’s cost effective. By using labour hire to cover staff shortages you will be able to save on costs related to hiring. These costs include advertising the vacant position, evaluating CVs, conducting interviews and checking the candidates’ backgrounds. A labour hire firm will do all this for you.
  2. All the skills you need at one place. With labour hire you will get all the skills you require in one place. No matter the position you need to be filled, a labour hire agency will be able to provide a qualified candidate for it.
  3. Convenience. Getting temporary workers to fill vacant positions at your company becomes as easy as placing a single phone call or sending out an email.
  4. Quick cover. It takes time to recruit for vacant positions. It could be several weeks before you get a suitable candidate to take up a certain role. And for a vacancy that will only last for a few weeks, that’s a lot! With labour hire you can have a candidate placed at your firm almost immediately.
  5. Strong recruiting process. Since labour hire firms are fully specialised for finding, vetting and providing workers, their recruiting processes are very strong. You can, therefore, rest easy with the knowledge that you will get quality workers with whatever skill set you require.

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