Having an inadequate number of workers is tough for any company. Some of the common reasons for staffing shortages include employees falling ill, maternity leave, annual leave; and in good times… increased demand for products. Whatever the reason for the labour shortfall is, the bottom line is that it has to be fixed for operations to go on smoothly.

Like every other problem that challenges your business, the key to overcoming labour shortfalls is planning. A good Plan on how both foreseeable and unforeseeableStaffing Levels 400x267 labour shortages are to be dealt with, should be put in place at the beginning of each year. To make proper plans, enough relevant information should be gathered. So:

  1.  Ask your employees to book their next leave as soon as they get back from their previous one to allow you enough time for preparations.
  2. Analyse labour requirements for previous years to determine the time of year when more workers are needed and the average number of hands required.

The easy response to staffing shortages is to hire temporary employees, but there is an even better way of dealing with the problem: labour hire. With labour hire, you have an unlimited pool of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled employees at your disposal.

Labour hire provides temporary employees for your business without the hassles of recruitment, vetting, onboarding and training. All you need to do is provide the requirements to a labour-hire firm and wait for a qualified worker to be provided to you. It’s that simple!

At Blue Collar People, we specialise in providing quality temporary employees to businesses on a labour hire arrangement so that they can keep operations at optimum levels all year round. Give us a call for friendly, obligation-free assistance with planning and costing: (08) 9221 1911