Labour Hire For Government

Labour hire – whether permanent, temporary or casual – has become an increasingly popular practice in Australian labour and employment circles.

In days gone past hiring temporary staff was often restricted to more white collar industries, but these days blue collar labour hire has been on the increase in the privatised mining and construction industries.

Another area where labour hire is also on the rise is in government circles. This includes local, state and federal government.

All governments at any level have projects on the go where they require experienced skilled and unskilled labour to get the projects completed. In some cases governments will have fulltime employees on their staff, while at other times they may contract the work out to a construction company or some other specialist depending on the project’s requirements.

And then there’s the added option of labour hire for government, where government departments can simply get in touch with a labour hire firm to organise temporary and casual staff to get a project up and running and seen through to its completion.

Rather than the government having to go to the hassle of hiring individual employees, they can simply contact one company and have all the qualified staff sent right to their doorstep when they need them. No hassle, no dramas and it virtually takes no time.

Blue Collar People

Blue Collar People – or BCP – is a company that specialises in providing government departments with the workforce they need, when they need it.

We do all the screening of workers, vetting them and making sure everyone on our books is experienced, knowledgeable in their trade, trained and ready for action.

We can supply the following qualified workers in quick time:

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Plumbers
  • Mechanics
  • Heavy machinery operators
  • Steel fixers
  • Construction labourers
    And many more…

Government Labour Hire Advantages

Recruiting the right staff – especially for time limited projects – can be a labour intensive and very time consuming process. People in government are often far too busy to take on the recruitment role, and that’s where labour hire for government holds the key.

Let’s quickly look at some of the benefits of going the labour hire route:

  • A Simplified Recruitment Process – All of the hard work has been taken out of the recruitment equation when government departments team up with a labour hire company like BCP. As mentioned, we’ve already done all the vetting and interviews. These workers are skilled, qualified and ready to start.
  • Large Talent Pools – If a government department was to hire a team of individuals to complete a project, this is going to consume a lot of time, whether contracting the work out to individual tradespeople, or looking to hire employees. Labour hire firms have large talent pools ready and waiting. You can hire everyone you need all under the one roof.
  • Total Flexibility – Hire staff for a day or a year, part-time, casual or fulltime. The choice is yours. When you work with a labour hire company you have options, and making any necessary changes is fast and seamless.

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