Temporary Staff Perth

Temporary staff come in handy when you need to fill positions left vacant by employees on leave, sick leave or maternity break. Here we explore how Perth businesses can utilise labour-hire to get highly skilled and experienced workers to cover for absent employees without the hustle of recruitment and hiring

20 04, 2017

Fill Sick Days with Temporary Labour

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Everyone falls sick from time to time, and your employees are no exception. Whether it’s just a case of the common cold or a work-related injury, a significant proportion of your workforce is bound to take sick days throughout the year to get treatment or recuperate after an injury. The time it takes for an employee to get back to work depends on the problem and could range anywhere between a few days and a couple of months. The longer the employee is sick and out of work, the more impactful their absence will be to the day-to-day operations of the business. Impact of sickness absence to your business Unlike annual leave and maternity leave which are predictable, allowing you time to make the necessary preparations, employee absences due to sickness are abrupt and impossible to plan for. They can put your business in a difficult situation due to the [...]

26 04, 2016

Use A Labour Hire Company To Assist With Temporary Staff Requirements

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5 Good Reasons to consider Blue Collar People as your preferred Labour Hire company if you have temporary staff requirements: 1. PROVEN EXPERIENCE: We have been providing Labour Hire services in Perth, Western Australia since 1990. As such we have a wealth of experience in supplying temp workers with a wide range of skills to our clients in a wide variety of industries. 2. RELIABILITY: As a team we strive to meet our client’s expectations in supplying them with the most suitable, reliable and trained workers. Blue Collar People understands that our clients desire is to have a flexible, yet robust workforce that will be responsible for fulfilling the needs and demands of their business and industry. 3. SERVICE: Blue Collar People deliver customer focussed service by responding to your needs and understanding your job requirements. Once we have placed a worker with your organisation our experienced recruitment consultants will [...]

12 04, 2016

Business Assessment & Temporary Labour Needs

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For most businesses, labour needs keep fluctuating requiring the hiring of temporary staff to fill labour gaps during peak times. Assessing your business’ staffing requirements enables you to anticipate and plan for peak-time staff shortages and make the necessary labour arrangements. Conducting a business assessment helps you figure out the number of workers you’ll need and the hours needed for the temporary workforce. By knowing the number of hours that need to be filled in each department and the areas where your staff might require help the most, labour shortages can be eliminated and efficiency greatly improved. Planning for staff requirements enables you to balance between efficiency and cost. It prevents under or overstaffing by ensuring your business always has the optimum number of workers. How to assess your business’ temporary labour needs To have a good understanding of your business’ labour requirements, you need to check the following: Peak [...]