Temping agencies are the traditional solution for filling short term staff vacancies. You may find yourself unexpectedly short staffed due to illness, or have a short term project that requires additional hands on deck. But there are several advantages to using a labour hire service rather than a temp agency when you want quality, skilled temp workers at short notice.

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Skilled temporary workers – saving time and money

As your business needs fluctuate throughout the year, or your regular employees are unavailable due to illness or personal leave, you can save time and money by letting a labour hire firm supply quality staff to fill short or long term skill gaps. With no contracts or obligations to retain staff on a permanent basis, using a temp worker is a great way to utilise high quality staff for whatever duration your business requires. Many temp agencies are available to simply supply staff, but a quality labour hire firm, like Blue Collar People, supplies staff who are carefully screened and job ready – plus we’ll handle all the recruitment administration.

Quality temping staff – guaranteed

At Blue Collar People we pride ourselves on being an industry leader for both short and long term recruitment needs. All of our workers are highly skilled, motivated and prepared to hit the ground running when they take on a temporary position with any of our clients. We’re so confident we can find the right person for the right job that we offer a client guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the worker that we provide for you within the first 4 hours, then you will not be charged for that worker and a replacement will be promptly found.
The recruitment process (and subsequent training and induction period) can be time consuming and expensive, with no guarantee of finding the right person for the job. Labour hire companies have a large database of temp workers who are carefully screened ready to go at short notice, with current skills and in house training provided to ensure the smoothest transition into your workplace. Avoid paying for payroll, staff benefits, taxes and other costs associated with hiring permanent staff; simply pay a one off fee and we take care of the rest!

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