Hiring temporary workers is an ideal solution for companies that have large fluctuations in workloads and companies that are often short-staffed. Other reasons that would make companies need to hire temporary workers (temps) include; busy seasons, vacation time offs and employee emergencies that would otherwise stretch the remaining workers.

Hiring temps also helps you maintain high levels of morale in the company. When your employees are overworked, working overtime, stressed and constantly changing shifts, they will start to feel unhappy, demoralized, frustrated and unhappy with their jobs.

This is especially true when employees are forced to switch to the night shift when your company is short-staffed.

It’s difficult to switch from days to nights. It will disturb your employees’ schedules, mess up their sleep cycle, and could lead to a lot of physical and emotional distress to employees who are unable to adapt.

This is why companies prefer keeping their permanent staff working their regular shifts and hiring temporary staff to fill night shift positions.

The problem is that hiring temps for the night shift is a bit different from hiring temps for day jobs. There are several factors that need to be considered for the hire to be successful. We have compiled a few tips to help you get the right temps for your night shifts.

  1. Be clear when advertising. Not everyone can handle night shifts. It is, therefore, important that your job post indicates clearly the time of day the applicant would have to work to avoid wasting both your time and that of the applicant. Being clear at this stage will help you weed out candidates that cannot take on these kinds of hours.
  2. Maintain consistency. People who are good at working night shifts are so because they do it consistently. So when you hire temps for the night shift, keep them on that shift and don’t change them to working days. Changing them back and forth will interfere with their sleep cycles and make it difficult for them to get back on track when they move back to night shifts.
  3. Past experience. Look at the candidates past experience before hiring. If the candidate has worked night positions before without problems, you’ll know the candidate will have no problem working nights again. People with no prior experience are riskier when it comes to night shifts as they don’t have a track record.
  4. Use a labour hire agency. Labour hire agencies have the expertise and experience necessary to provide the right staff for night shifts. Labour hire agencies  also have the advantage of having a larger pool of candidates to choose from, something a company not specialising in this field might lack.

With Blue Collar People, you can be sure that only the most suitable people are provided to your company for night shifts. We only provide the best to our clients, and that’s guaranteed.