It is important to ensure that your company has an efficient hiring process so that you find and hire the right candidates. Hiring can take a lot of time and energy and you want to know that you are hiring people who are the right fit for your business and are going to stay for the long term.

If you want your business to be successful you have to hire the right people, but this can only be accomplished if you have the right strategies for hiring key people. Here are 5 tips for a more efficient hiring process:

1. Create a Specific Job Posting

The job posting is the most important part of the hiring process because it is your first exposure to a potential employee. A clear definition of the qualifications and expectations of job candidates ensures that you will not have too many applicants to interview. A broad definition of a job will bring in an abundance of applicants whose resumes will need to be vetted before they are screened.

2. Utilise Technology

Pre-screening testing and interviews can eat up a lot of time in the hiring process. Why not reduce your stress and frustration by using video technology? You can conduct quick and simple interviews through video conferencing, record those interviews and then share your top choices with managers.

3. Ask the Right Types of Questions

Employees study for interviews so if you plan to ask the cliché questions such as “what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses”, then forget it. You are going to get a scripted answer that tells you absolutely nothing about what you want to know. Instead review the cover letter and the resume of the candidate and ask specific questions about their experience and skills as set out in that material.

4. Review Resumes on File

You could have the perfect employee for your job who was not chosen for another position in the past. These candidates form a pool of potential employees who are already interested in working with your company. Resumes of particular interest are good to keep on file because they can save you a lot of time when you are searching for the right fit.

5. Train Your Managers to Conduct Interviews

Delays may result during the process of hiring when managers cannot properly conduct interviews. Take the time to train hiring managers to interview potential candidates and screen them efficiently. If a hiring manager does not have proper training or is not confident it could delay the whole hiring process and the company could miss out on a perfectly suitable employee.

Once you start to use these tips you will be able to streamline your hiring process. Finding the right candidates and processing them in a timely fashion will ensure that good solid candidates do not slip away because of an extremely lengthy hiring process. Strategy sessions should be conducted with hiring managers so that they understand what the ideal candidate looks like and what management expects the result to be at the end of the day.

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