How many times has it been, since we finished our schooling, that we have used geometry, algebra or the periodic table of elements?

My guess is that unless you are an engineer, a chemist or a teacher, chances are not very often.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t teach these subjects at school or subjects such as art, music and ancient history – I believe we should still continue to teach all of these subjects as I think a well-rounded education is a good education – but could we perhaps consider a little less time spent on some subjects and start teaching high school students some skills that may come in very handy to them when they finish school and move out of home.

Is it the parent’s job to teach their kids these Life Skills?Baby Book 400x265

I don’t know – maybe it is – but also perhaps not all parents are able to do this or have not got the time to do it properly.

In any event what could be the harm of our schools including compulsory learning in areas such as:

  • Cooking, washing and ironing their clothes.
  • Correct nutrition and looking or paying attention to “use by dates” on food.
  • How to handle money – borrowing money and their credit records.
  • Good manners, respect, shaking hands and making eye contact

I won’t go on anymore as the list could be a lot longer and I am certain that there would be a lot of other “so called” Life Skills that I have not thought of, that could be thrown into the mix.

It seems to me that the world has changed a lot in the last 30 or 40 years and it continues to change and evolve, but the school educational system may have to think about changing too.

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