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Production levels in any manufacturing company keep fluctuating depending on the time of year: sometimes they are low, other times they are high. Ensuring that you have the ideal number of workers at all times can become quite a challenge as you’d need to hire and lay off employees with changing production requirements.Recruitment Agencies

This repetitive process is both expensive and time-consuming. But what if you could have an unlimited number of workers who could step in at a moment’s notice for those times when you need some extra help? Well, you can thanks to labour hire.

With labour hire, you’ll have an unlimited number of employees including labours, electricians, drivers, process operators, machine operators, and more at your disposal without having to pay for them when you don’t need them.

Benefits Of Labour Hire In Manufacturing

Other benefits you’ll gain from this kind of labour arrangement include:

  • Quick cover. With labour hire, labour gaps from employee absences can be covered at a moment’s notice reducing the amount of downtime. This will help ensure maximum efficiency at all times.
  • Stable staff levels. Labour hire will help you keep your core number of permanent employees that can be topped up with a casual workforce as and when you have the need to do so. This will ensure that your wages bill remains lower as you will not need to keep the labour hire workers on during low production seasons.
  • Robust recruitment process. You’ll get to benefit from the labour hire firm’s robust recruitment processes that will provide well vetted and qualified workers to fill job positions in your company.

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