Many people see their job as an endless cycle of boring routines that they have to endure to put food on their plates. But does it have to be this way? Is there a job out there that could be exciting for you to do?

You might not believe this, but the answer to these questions is no and yes, respectively. There is a job suitable for everyone out there. The trouble is: finding it. Once you find the job, work will never be boring again. It might even be fun to go to work. So how do you find this very elusive “perfect job” that will make your life more fulfilling? Below are some tips that you can use to find the job that suits you.

  1. Know what you are looking for. This is the first tip on the list because it is the most important. It might come as a surprise that most people do not know the job they want. They are sure they do not like their current job but do not have another job they would prefer. You will need to self-evaluate to know which job will be perfect for you. For example, you could try using your personality as a guide to the kind of job you like. If you like being around people and working in teams, find a job that provides this. If teamwork is not your thing, then avoid jobs that require it.
  2. Experiment to find what you want. There’s a popular phrase used to encourage those looking for true love, “you’ll have to kiss several frogs before finding your handsome prince.” I find this advice applicable in other areas too; job search being one of them. Don’t be afraid to try several different jobs to find the one that works best for you. Do it part time if necessary or volunteer if you cannot find a paying position. The bottom line is that you cannot know if a job will be perfect for you if you don’t try it.
  3. Build relations with people who have your dream job. If you have a good idea of the kind of job that would be perfect for you, socialise with people in that field of work. From them, you can get information that will help you in your pursuit of the perfect job. From them, you’ll find out if the job is as good as it seems. You can look at a job from outside and admire it, but when you learn the day-to-day activities it involves, you could have a change of heart. These people will also provide information about job openings and pitfalls that you should avoid if you do decide to pursue that job.
  4. Let your hobbies guide you. Hobbies are things that you enjoy doing during your free time. You don’t get paid to do them, but you still find the time to do them. If you can match a hobby with a job, then you will be getting paid to do something that you would do for free. If that isn’t the perfect job, I don’t know what is.
  5. Get help. Help could be in the shape of a career coach. He/she will help you find the perfect job by guiding you on the steps that you have to take to move forward in the right direction career wise. They will also suggest several alternatives that you might not have thought of.

Help could also be in the shape of a labour-hire agency. Working with a labour-hire agency will expose you to numerous temporary jobs so that you can search for the one that suits you best while still earning.



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