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Visionaries and Problem Solvers

As our reliance on technology continually increases, it is easy to think that our reliance on skilled workers, otherwise known as blue collar workers, has decreased. With modern conveniences literally at our fingertips, we have come to think that we are self-sufficient, but this can’t be further from the truth. We all count on those working in skilled trades and technical industries all day, every day.

Blue collar workers are involved both up front and behind the scenes to help you enjoy your modern conveniences. They are the people who ensure you get uninterrupted power, your home has running water and working drainage, your car gets you from here to there and the network infrastructure for your computer and phone works.

It is sad that the dynamics of occupational status, class and cultural biases, and our current enchantment with technology, have caused us – as a society –  to undervalue and underestimate the smarts involved in such work and its importance to us. It is important that we all appreciate and acknowledge the importance of skilled workers. This is because we are more interconnected than we realise.