Learn everything you need to know about labour hire for the mining industry from how labour hire works through to advantages to hiring staff yourself vs hiring through recruitment agencies with this guide… 

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Specialist Mining Labour Hire

Maintaining a high-quality workforce for your mining operation is not always an easy task. People come and go, but you don’t want to be spending your valuable time constantly trying to find suitable and reliable replacements.

Every minute you spend on recruiting new staff members is time taken away from what you do best – running your mining operation.

Fortunately, there are solutions that will free up your time and ensure your WA mining company has the skilled and qualified workers it needs, as soon as you need them.

In this guide we’ll be looking at the best ways to approach labour hire for the mining industry, and how the team at Blue Collar People offer a comprehensive solution.

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A Guide To Labour Hire For The Mining Industry Blue Collar People

Hiring Staff Yourself

This can become a really time consuming process. You need to advertise your vacant positions, field phone calls and emails, sift through countless resumes and references, shortlist potential candidates, check references, call people in for interviews, go through the interview process multiple times and then finally come to a decision on who to hire.

The process could actually involve more steps than those mentioned above, and if you have a number of positions to fill on a regular basis, that’s going to amount to a lot of time and effort expended when you don’t really have to.

Very likely you don’t want or need that kind of headache. You have other ways you need to spend your valuable time, so doing your own hiring is not ideally the best course of action to take.

If the positions available are short term, then it makes even less sense to endure the processes of seeking out, screening, interviewing and hiring the employees yourself.

Using a General Recruitment Agency

General recruitment agencies are exactly that – General.

Most are not specialists in any way, as they arrange staff of all different qualifications for all types of industries. Yes, these firms do conduct screening processes and send you a shortlist of potential candidates, but they don’t generally supply contract workers who are fully qualified and ready to start work immediately.

Many job agencies tend to focus more on office workers rather than tradespeople, blue collar workers, labourers and so on.

While these recruitment companies will take some of the ground work out of the process, you will still be left with interviewing candidates, rifling through resumes, and possibly even ending up with a situation where no candidate is really suitable.

This wastes even more time, and time is money.

Some general recruitment agencies can charge quite hefty fees for their services as well, which is also something to take into consideration when seeking out the best way to find quality staff.

Yet another thing to keep in mind with regular recruitment agencies is they tend to have clients on their books who are looking for long term employment opportunities only, so if you have work in your mining company that is short term, temporary or contract, these agencies may lack in suitable and willing candidates.

Advantages of Using a Recruitment Company That Specialises In Labour Hire

The very best solution all round is to team up with a labour hire company that not only specialises in supplying workers for the mining industry, but has contract blue collar workers ready to go at short notice.

No matter what roles you need filled, a specialist firm will already have high quality workers on their books for casual, contract or ongoing roles.

To ensure both the client and worker receive exactly what they are looking for, candidates are screened regarding skills, experience, qualifications, work ethic, criminal history and other criteria. All references are checked prior to sending a worker to a client.

A professional labour hire service will also work on behalf of the candidate as well as the company doing the hiring, ensuring the needs of both parties are met. This guarantees a mutually beneficial relationship that results in a more productive and successful placement.

How Labour Hire Works

When you team up with a reputable labour hire company, the labour hire firm not only supplies qualified staff on demand for casual and ongoing roles, but it’s also the labour hire firm that sets the hourly rates and pays the workers.

The hire firm gives you reasonable and fair hourly rates and then invoices you for the total number of hours worked by each worker.

Because the workers are contracted through the labour hire firm, your mining company is not responsible for other employee related expenses, such as superannuation.

You are not under any contract when you hire workers. Simply hire workers for as long as you need them.

All workers supplied by labour hire will also be covered for:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Public & Products Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Labour Hire Is Not Just for Temporary Staff

When people hear the term “labour hire”, often it is assumed that the focus is on temporary placements only.

A quality labour hire and recruitment company will cover all bases, with both temporary labour to fill short term positions, as well as supplying staff for fulltime and ongoing roles.

With labour hire, no matter how long or short the placement, candidates will be fully screened to ensure they are a good fit before they arrive onsite.

The whole concept of quality labour hire is to take all the hard work and hassle out of the process for the employer, so the transition of a new qualified worker into your company is both seamless and expedient.

That’s what mining companies need, and that’s what quality, reputable labour hire will deliver.

A Genuine Labour Hire Company Complies With All Laws

Specialist labour hire firms in WA must comply with all national employment laws and occupational health and safety regulations. All candidates are well versed in these regulations, so you can be confident the staff you receive will not only be top class workers but follow all rules and safety procedures as well.

Some labour hire companies have been known to flaunt the laws and regulations, so it’s important to research a potential labour hire company first and determine what sort of reputation they have. You’ll soon discover if a company is good to deal with or not through a little research.

A quality labour hire company will often institute additional policies to truly promote conscientious workers and a safe work environment, ensuring candidates are fully trained and well versed in general workplace safety, as well as specifically for the mining industry.

A reputable labour hire firm will strictly comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, moderated by WorkSafe WA.

Skilled Blue Collar Workers Ready and Available for the Mining Industry

Mining operations require multitudes of workers with a vast variety of skills, attributes and experience. A labour hire company that includes mining as a specialist area of focus and expertise will have a full roster of suitably skilled workers ready to fulfil those roles, including the following blue collar workers:

  • Plumbers
  • Boilermakers
  • Welders
  • Diesel Mechanics – Heavy Duty
  • Trades Assistants
  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Drill Fitters
  • Blast Hole Drillers
  • Auto Electricians
  • LV Mechanics
  • Fixed and Mobile Plant Operators
  • Shotfirers
  • HV Electricians
  • Service Technicians
  • Truck Drivers
  • Labourers
  • Fixed Plant Electricians
  • And more…

Your company gets to tap into a large pool of skilled blue collar workers to cover all varieties of roles and duties. Whether it’s a one-off task that requires a specific skill set, or a multitude of tasks that calls for someone who is multi-skilled, you’ll find exactly what you need within a quality labour hire company’s talent pool.


Choose a Labour Hire Company With An In-Depth Recruitment Process

When you are looking for the right workers, especially at short notice, you want to know you’re dealing with a recruitment company that has a thorough screening and recruitment process. This process guarantees that the worker truly has the experience and credentials they claim they have.

People do sometimes lie on their resumes and possibly even falsify work and character references. The only true way to determine everything is legit is by adopting rigorous recruitment procedures.

To make this type of procedure effective, it takes an experienced team to separate the highest quality workers from those who don’t make the grade.

Part of the selection process should include a potential candidate’s willingness to comply with the law, safety procedures, and the rules and regulations of the mining company they’ll be working for.

Other procedures may include things like drug and alcohol testing, police checks, reference checks and work history.

The more thorough the labour hire company is during the recruitment and selection process, the higher quality the workforce they have ready and available will be.

A Flexible Workforce

Whether you need someone for a day, a week, a month or longer term, you need to team up with a labour hire company that gives you flexible options.

Flexibility also comes in the form of having a variety of skilled workers on tap to fill any role required within your mining operation.

Benefits To Job Seekers

One major benefit for job seekers employed via the labour hire method is they enjoy more flexibility and work/life balance. This makes for happier and more productive and motivated workers.

There is also more variety of tasks and locations for these workers, which also lends itself to increased productivity overall and a more positive and focused outlook.

All this bodes well for the worker and the hiring company.


Blue Collar People is one of the most reputable and trusted labour hire companies in all of Perth and Western Australia. Since 1990 we’ve been supplying WA businesses and mining companies with a quality workforce, even at very short notice.

Why Choose Blue Collar People for Your Labour Needs?

Apart from our many years of industry experience, thorough and effective screening procedures have been implemented to guarantee our talent pool is the best there is. You want the best and we always aim to supply the best.

If you need a blue collar worker with a specific skillset for a day or a year, we can have a candidate who fulfills your requirements onsite quickly and with an 8 hour guarantee. Only top-quality workers of the highest calibre are supplied, and we offer a smooth and seamless solution to your labour hire needs.

Our team is flexible and so are the workers we provide. This guarantees your mining company will attain the skilled workers it requires, no matter what the job or situation calls for.

The hourly rates we offer our clients are all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden costs or fees. This rate covers all insurances for the workers, superannuation, payroll tax and so on.

So, one simple rate, one simple invoice, and that’s it. No multiple expenses to pay, nothing to work out. Just simply get the skilled workers you need when you need them, and we handle the rest.

We also make it a point to follow up on the workers that we’ve placed with your company to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. We’ll act on any feedback you give us and will correct any situation that is not completely satisfactory.

Specialist Mining Labour Hire

One of our main areas of focus and expertise is in supplying quality workers specifically for the mining industry. Our team understand the demands of the industry and skill levels and experience of the workers required to fill vacant positions.

Whether you require a blast hole driller, auto electrician, heavy duty diesel mechanic and more, Blue Collar People has truly got you covered and then some.

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April 17 2019