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We understand that looking for a job is not the easiest of tasks. In this section, we share our wealth of knowledge and experience gained from years of dealing with employers to give you (the job seeker) that extra oomph to help you land gainful employment.

Personal Branding Is Important for Blue Collar Workers

Branding is nothing new, it has been a buzzword in many workplaces around the world for a long time. And although this term has been very popular for high-profile white collar workers (mainly those in marketing and communication careers), the concept has now started spreading and is gaining popularity for labourers and tradesmen. It may […]

Your Job Interview – Best Websites to Help You

  Preparing for a job interview?  Here is a list of the best websites to help you prepare Jump To Website: Careercast QuintCareers Job Interview Wisdom Themuse Betterteam Job hunting. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. It’s stressful, tedious and sometimes even disappointing. But this is only the first of […]

How To Brush Up On Your Job Interview Skills

Read our tips to help you improve your job interview skills and land the job you really want Jump To Section: Dressing for the interview Your arrival Eye contact Ask questions Concluding At Blue Collar People you do not need to prepare for a job interview, you simply register with us and we match you […]

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