Branding is nothing new, it has been a buzzword in many workplaces around the world for a long time. And although this term has been very popular for high-profile white collar workers (mainly those in marketing and communication careers), the concept has now started spreading and is gaining popularity for labourers and tradesmen.

It may seem as if labourers and tradesmen are too far removed from the branding culture, but in reality, even blue collar workers can gain substantial benefits from personal branding. Here’s why:

  1. Showing off and Standing out. Blue collar workers create with their hands to produce physical structures that demonstrate their skills. This verifiable evidence of skill and experience is something most white collar workers lack, and is something blue collar workers can use to help their personal brands stand out.
    With images and powerful stories of past projects, a blue collar worker can separate themself from the crowd, impress superiors and peers, and gain a reputation that will attract employers for a long time.
  2. It helps in exploring other opportunities. A strong personal brand can be leveraged to explore other employment opportunities. For example, an experienced truck driver can use the brand equity they have built to start a freight company. A strong brand can also help a labourer find work in an adjacent industry.

How to create a personal brand

Here are some simple steps for creating a captivating personal brand:

  1. Focus on the things that make you different. This will help you create a niche market for yourself by providing services that not a lot of people can do.
  2. In addition to writing, provide evidence of your skills and talent using pictures and videos.
  3. Create a positive online presence by maintaining profiles on popular social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram where you can showcase you work using pictures and videos.

A personal brand will help you create a name for yourself both inside and outside your industry for improved employability.