Preparing for a job interview?  Here is a list of the best websites to help you prepare

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Job Interview Wisdom

Job hunting. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. It’s stressful, tedious and sometimes even disappointing.

But this is only the first of several steps in the process of acquiring a new job. And if all goes well, you’ll be called in by the company and have several individuals ask you several questions to check whether you’ll fit in: the interview. Ace this and you are on the way to landing the position.


But how do you prepare for the interview? Easy, search the web for tips and guidelines. Right?

Actually, it’s not that easy. The web keeps growing by the day and new content is added every single second. Most of this information is useless, and separating the grain from the chaff could take a while. A while is something you do not have as you have to prepare for an interview taking place in a few days.

We know how hard it is to look for a new job so we have compiled a list of 5 sites with great interview advice to help you out a little bit.

Here are five sites worth checking out for good advice on how to handle interviews:

1.    Careercast

This site contains great advice on how to handle job interviews – among other career advice. From their posts, you will get an idea of what to expect and how best tackle different questions that may be thrown your way during a job interview.

2. is one of the most useful resources on the internet. It has articles covering just about every topic you could think of. So it’s no surprise to find a section dedicated to job interviews. Here you’ll find tips on how to answer interview questions, how to make your resume more appealing and other job-hunting related tips and guidelines.

3.    QuintCareers

This site is dedicated to helping you prepare for your job hunt with numerous pages of free career advice. From here, you will get to know what to expect and how best to prepare before heading out to that interview.

4.    Job Interview Wisdom

As the name suggests, this site is full of job interview wisdom. They cover every aspect of a job interview from preparation to preparing thank you letters. They also have advice on how to find jobs if you need to increase your options.

5.    Themuse

Here you will find expert advice on the do’s and don’ts of job interviews. The site also contains loads of other career advice that may come in handy for a person looking for new career opportunities like yourself.

6. Betterteam

Here you will find 101 Most Common Interview Questions with Pass or Fail Answers.

When given an axe and six hours to chop down a tree, a wise man spends four of those hours sharpening his axe. Preparation is everything. The above resources will help you prepare adequately for your job interview and improve your chances of success. They will also help boost your confidence which is important if you are to ace the interview. So read up, raise your chin up, and march into that interview room like the winner you are!

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