Not sure how labour hire works? Read answers to frequently asked questions from clients and candidates that could help you get some clarity on some of the less understood aspects of labour hire. We explain, in an easy-to-understand way, the workings of labour hire to help both corporate clients and job seekers get an in-depth understanding of what we do.We provide easy contact for online labour hire services.

What Does Labour Hire Agency Screen For?

Screening is one of the most important steps when hiring new employees by a business and is one of the most intensive. For a business that uses the services of a labour hire agency, all this organisation needs to do is inform the labour hire agent of their current labour needs and within a short […]

Client or Candidate – Who Do We Work For?

As a labour hire agency, we work as an intermediary between job seekers and employers. We work for the client looking for temporary or permanent blue collar workers and the candidate looking for gainful employment. Most people assume that since the clients foot the bill, all the focus will be directed towards them, but this […]

How Cost Effective Is A Labour Hire Agency?

Staffing is usually one of the biggest outlays associated with running a business. Whether you have a fleet of full time employees or a few casuals to fill skills gaps, you want your labour hire and management processes to be as cost effective as possible. For many employers, using a labour hire agency can be […]

Labour Hire FAQ

  Read some of our FAQs regarding labour hire now Jump To Section: What do blue collar recruitment agencies do? What do labour hire agencies screen for? Client or Candidate – who do we work for? How cost effective is a labour hire agency? Are we under contract when we use your labour hire services? […]

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