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Perth job search tools

There are a number of useful tools you can utilise when job searching. From the traditional newspaper advertisements, store window signs and community boards to the more modern online technology such as job seeker websites and even social media pages, there have never been more options available when looking for employment.Job Search In Perth Top Tips On Being The Best In The West 770x1155

Despite being a great way for jobseekers to connect with employers, today’s competitive Perth job search market means that many people are applying for the one position. If you are a jobseeker becoming frustrated with the time consuming process of applying for multiple positions without success, don’t despair! There are other options aside from the conventional job search mediums which may just have exactly the type of job you are seeking!

Labour hire services

You’re probably familiar with the concept of employment agencies. Essentially they are hired by companies looking to recruit staff directly, rather than advertising the position externally themselves. The employment agencies match businesses with potential employees, who become employed directly via that business.

Another recruitment service you may not have heard of is a labour hire company. They operate in a similar way, but with a couple of key differences for employees. The most notable difference for job seekers is that you are actually employed by the labour hire company directly, rather than the client, and sent on a variety of different jobs to multiple businesses as required.

Blue Collar People – Perth job seekers

There a number of benefits to being employed by a labour hire services company. At Blue Collar People, we employ suitably qualified job seekers from a wide range of different industries, and match them with our clients for both long and short term assignments. You’ll never be bored again with the workplace diversity that comes from working for a variety of different companies in your chosen industry! Because you remain employed by the labour hire company, all your training, inductions, insurance and wages is covered, without having to fill out time consuming paperwork for different employers at the end of each contract.

At Blue Collar People we specialise in assisting job seekers in Perth to find the perfect match with our clients. We are always on the lookout for potential employees that have the excellent work ethic and standards we uphold, and are proud to pass on the same standard of excellence to our clients.

If you are over 18, hardworking and keen to build upon your skills in your current industry, contact Blue Collar People.

Find out how we can take the pressure off your job search in the Perth area today!

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