Casual jobs make up a large percentage of the overall workforce and are often in demand by jobseekers. Have you ever considered making your next career move with a labour hire company? Blue Collar People are always on the lookout for skilled and motivated casual workers to join their team. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing casual jobs with a labour hire firm.Casual Jobs 300x212

Working with you for the best match

When you join a labour hire company, you are employed by us directly, which means we are always taking care of your interests. All of your wages, training, inductions and insurance are provided for, so there’s no need to be constantly dealing with the administration and payrolls of each new company you work for. We specialise in matching the skill sets and interests of our employees with suitable clients, and will be in ongoing contact to ensure all parties are happy with the work being carried out at each of your casual jobs.

Workplace variety

Do you find that you tire of the same working environment over a long period of time? Casual jobs with a labour hire company are a great way to gain skills in a variety of different workplaces, while meeting new people and keeping you on your toes with new work challenges. Contracts vary in length and may lead to ongoing work if both parties agree to extend beyond the original contract timeframe.

Broaden your skills

Employers always look favourably upon workers who are confident and skilled in a variety of different environments. Casual jobs with a labour hire company mean that you will encompass a diverse skill set that’s constantly being improved. With regular training you can hit the ground running with each client you work for. We provide opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and skills across a range of blue collar industries, which can really assist with advancing your long term career prospects.
When looking for your next career move, consider joining a labour hire company for ongoing support, training and a variety of casual jobs that will ensure no two days are ever the same!

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