Temporary Labour Hire

Temporary labour hire can truly be the perfect solution to fill gaps in your workforce when the need arises.

If someone goes on annual leave, maternity leave, or it’s simply a busy time of year, you won’t want to be hiring full-time or permanent employees, so temporary labour hire is the obvious answer.

Having said that, finding the right staff to fill the void can still be a cumbersome and time consuming process if business owners and managers opt to handle the process themselves. It will involve initial advertising of positions ahead of time, fielding phone calls, sifting through countless cover letters and resumes, trying to narrow down a short list, then calling people in for interviews, conducting the interviews and then coming to a final decision on who to hire.

That sounds like a lot of time and effort when you might only want to hire somebody for a few weeks or a month.

These days people are extremely busy, often too busy to handle the workload that recruitment of decent staff often requires. As a business owner or manager you need a more ready-made solution when it comes to hiring casual and temporary employees, something streamlined that requires a minimum of fuss or time on your part.

Let’s quickly list some scenarios where you might avail of temporary labour hire:

  • Your business is seasonal or experiencing an exceptionally busy period
  • Someone left the company
  • You are short on staff
  • You don’t want permanent employees for the roles
  • Staff have taken holidays, sick leave or maternity leave
  • And more…

In days gone by, “temping” was often restricted to the white collar sector, say for fill in secretarial roles or even substitute teachers and so on, but these days temporary labour hire firmly focuses on blue collar work and trades, skilled or unskilled.

Much of Australia’s workforce is involved in blue collar industries, so it makes sense that temporary labour hire is something that would be in high demand. You might need staff to complete a project, get a new mine underway or deal with a sudden and unexpected influx of work.

You need workers who have the skills and qualifications you’re seeking and you need them now. Having temporary staff can offer both you and these new staff members flexibility as well. Casual staff are often more open to a variety of shifts and days, which gives you options to change things around when required.

If the project or situation only calls for hiring temporary staff, then it makes sense to do just that rather than employ anyone on a fulltime or permanent basis. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mining corporation, construction company or involved in a specific trade, temporary staff on call hold the key to your business needs for short term projects.

In situations like this, temporary labour hire and a labour hire company is really your best friend.

Blue Collar People can help

Finding just the right staff is not always easy, and if you were to take it on yourself you would need the ability (and the time) to take note of the following:

  • Find potential workers that have the experience and the required skills
  • Be diligent and reliable workers who are also flexible and adaptable when required
  • Staff who are teachable, as any work environment is a little different
  • Workers who will have enthusiasm for the role and do quality work consistently
  • Workers with sound character
  • And more…

Blue Collar People is a Perth labour hire company devoted to providing businesses in the blue collar sector with qualified staff virtually immediately.

We’ve already vetted and prequalified everyone on our books, so we have temporary workers ready to go. These staff have the experience, qualifications and the right attitude to become an asset to your business, even if only for a short space of time while you need them.

Skilled or unskilled, temporary or casual. If you need staff we can supply them with zero hassle on your part.

Just get in touch, tell us what you need and how long you might need to hire temporary workers for and we’ll supply them in quick time.

Here are just a few advantages of temporary labour hire:

  • The recruitment process is super simple
  • We have a large pool of prequalified staff ready to commence work on your project
  • We pay the workers for the hours worked, cover worker’s compensation and insurance. You just make a simple payment to BCP for the labour hire.

It really is that simple.

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